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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Nets, Voiles and Our Service


Deciding what type of curtain to hang at your window can be a difficult task. We are here to help you with answers to the common questions on the tip of your tounge.

If there are any other questions you have that are not included below, please contact us.

How do I measure my window?


All of our curtains are listed and ordered at the flat size of the net / voile curtain. Therefore when you order you must allow for the desired fullness. With Voile Curtains we usually recommend at least 2.5x your window width. Depending on the pattern however, you may wish to allow more, or less fullness. The drops that we list on this site are from the very top of the curtain to the very bottom. Therefore you can usually order the exact inside measurement of your window. We are always very happy to help you with your sizes. Sometimes windows need that special bit of attention. Please contact us if you feel you need any help.

What is the difference between nets and voiles?


The difference between net curtains and voile curtains is in the construction. Net curtains are generally knitted, often with a coarse yarn and mainly in white or cream, whereas voiles are woven giving a finer but more robust fabric and because of this will take a lot of embellishment, often with different coloured yarns. A few years ago there was quite a price difference between nets and voiles, nets being less expensive, but now with voiles being so popular the prices have come down and the choices of design expanded.

Made-to-Measure VS Ready Made


Made-to-measure is a bespoke service where Voiles and Curtains are essentially crafted from scratch to your specific sizes and style. Perfect for ANY sized window and offers extensive style options with a superior finish.

Readymade Voiles and Curtains are pre made items, made in set standard sizes and offer great value.

Confused?! Firstly measure your window recess and consider whether readymade, standard sizes are an option to you. Secondly consider if you require any elite or bespoke details.

What is "Fullness" and "Gather" in a curtain?


When we speak of gather and fullness, we are talking about the width of material in each curtain. You may notice that most window curtains do not lie flat. Traditionally nets, voiles and curtains are hung so that they fall into soft folds. The folds also know as "gather" or "fullness" are created by increasing your width 2x to 3x your flat window reveal size. There are many advantages of gathering your curtains, the most common is for greater privacy and insulation as well as for aesthetic reasons. However, it is becoming more popular to hang curtains as flat panels with latest sleek boutique fashion trends, if this is the style you desire you can easily order you flat window recess size using our order table "Exact amount".

What is the difference between voile panels and voile curtains?


The difference between voile panels and voile curtains is that the panels are readymade at standard curtain sizes. The panels are usually 150cm wide, and are designed to be brought in multiples to hang side by side. Panels are very much suited for side curtains and for doors. Voile curtains are made-to-measure and are made from scratch to your personal window sizes, very handy for those of you with odd and random shaped windows. Voile curtains also offer you different heading options including slot top and curtain tapes.

Why do the VOILE CURTAINS take approx 14 working days?


Unfortunately we cannot state a specific delivery date as we cannot guarantee when made-to-measure orders will be complete as it depends on the complexity of each order and our work load at the time. Because of this we display individual product approximate delivery dates on each product page for guidance.

Why do READY MADE products take up to 7 working days?


We try to keep as much in stock as possible but due to the extensive size and colour options of each product we sometimes do have to make some items, mainly voile panels, from scratch. If you do have a deadline please check stock before ordering.

You say to measure the inside of my window, should I take 1cm off the length to lift the curtains off the window sill?


Yes if you would like a good clearance off the window sill, please take off 1cm off your drop measurement. We make all made-to-measure voiles the measurement that you specify from tip to toe, including the slot or tape top. This also includes a 1cm 'stand up' above the heading. The 'stand up' fills the gap above your wire/rod.

How do the Twist and fit tension rods work?


The tension rods are made from a steel construction and have a glossy white finish. They hold themselves within a recess by a spring loaded tension and rubber grip ‘end stops’. All you need to do is twist the rod to a width slightly wider than your window and then push the ends towards the centre of the rod, to squeeze into the recess!

Some products say "sides come unfinished as standard", what does that mean?


On some of the lower priced ready made net curtains, most people would rather not pay extra for our workroom to sew the sides. It sometimes does not work out very economical considering the cost of the curtain. The sides do not need to be finished, or hemmed, the curtain can hang happily with the sides left as they are when cut. We recommend finishing the sides on any made to measure curtain, and any curtain that you would like to pro-long the life-span for.

I am planning on having the voile in the window for privacy but also curtains with the pole on the wall above the recess of the window. I was wondering if I should put a smaller pole in the window for the voile or something else?


The most popular choice for hanging voile inside a recess is to use a tension rod. Tension rods are expandable, usually by twisting into your recess and gripping on the side walls. They are most popular because they are neat, discreet and leave no holes from fixings. A tension rod requires a SLOT TOP heading.

Alternatively you can buy a small discreet "top fixing" track that attaches to the roof of your recess. Tracks like these have small runners to hook your curtains on to with hooks. This is ideal for sliding the voile's back with ease, perhaps if you have a window to open or patio doors. For a track you will need TAPE TOP

What's the difference between 'Ready Made' and 'Made to Measure' products?


Some items such as Voile Panels come in set sizes, with a set width (based on the width of the original fabric that it's made from) and a series of set drops. Other ready made products, such as 'Ready Made Net Curtains', come at set drops but we can cut any width of fabric. Ready Made products are usually cheaper than 'Made to Measure' products, but you may not be able to find them in an exact size to perfectly fit your window. However, with many windows the way the curtains are hung can allow for flexible sizes. We recommend 2.5x fullness (buy fabric 2.5x the width of your window to allow for gather) but you may be happy with anywhere between 1.5x the window width or 3x, depending on your preference.

The position of the track, pole or wire can often be adjusted marginally, and the drop of the curtain may not need to sit precisely on the windowsill. Occasionally the curtains will hang on the outside finishing somewhere below the sill, and in which case the exact length of the drop is less crucial. There is also a 25mm tolerance on ready made products as they are often manufactured in bulk amounts.

However, if you would like a consistent finish across many windows, you would like the curtain to start and finish at exact sizes to fit the window, or there are no ready made sizes that come close to fitting your window, then you are best to go with our most popular service, and buy made to measure curtains. Buying made to measure ensures the product we supply will fit your windows perfectly, and can be made to fit virtually any window size. The price difference between ready made and made to measure has come down significantly over the last few years, and you will also find a larger choice of made to measure fabrics . As every made to measure product needs to be sewn in our workroom, the delivery time is often longer than for ready mades. You can always see the current delivery times on each product page.


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